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Go the Distance with Cherrie Garden is a Documentary Series featuring powerful stories of people who have gone through dark and traumatic situations and have emerged victorious from it to positively effect their city and community.

the complete  season one  episodes

Episode 1: “Love, Romance & Heartbreak” : A single mother triumphs over racism and sexism to fulfill her purpose as a famous national news anchor. She later discovers that at the top, there’s an entire set of addictions, loneliness, and heartbreaks that she must violently battle next.
Episode 2. “Support Is A Two Way Street” : This episode takes us into the life of charismatic Hiphop Host Sonia Tyler. Known by her moniker “Sista Sypher” of The Sypher360 Show, the International Queen of the mic takes us into the trials of being a 3rd-World immigrant child in America, her struggles as a bi-racial activist, the beauty of HipHop culture, and the strength to sacrifice it all for the Love of family.
Episode 3. “Tears of the Life of the Party” : A young man from the United States indirectly finds himself being the Life of the Party in Caribbean culture due to his fun on stage with beautiful women. However, joy and pain reveal their conflicting connection when the party life becomes a mask for a deep, dark secret.
Episode 4. “Nightmare in the Garden” reveals the story of a young woman from Kingston, Jamaica, and her triumphs over life’s horrific experiences, while on her way to becoming a flourishing actress and journalist in the Entertainment Industry.
Episode 5. “A Thin Blue Line” A young man from Florida desiring to be in the music industry finds himself employed as a Police officer when life makes an abrupt change. From police brutality to the conflict of policing urban neighborhoods, a now 5 year officer reconciles his views on Law Enforcement and their impact on modern society.
Episode 6. “Pain was the Calling” She grew up in a sheltered home, desiring to be a helping hand to those who were suffering. Little did she know that the way she would be of help was to heal others by experiencing the very suffering she sought to eliminate.
Episode 7:  “He Knew I Wouldn’t Keep Silent” A community leader and proud father loses both his friends and family when he is suddenly struck with the loss of his health.
Episode 8: The Art of Esteem” A poet and artist from Atlanta, and the Caribbean Islands discusses the experience of being born with a heighten spiritual awareness, and how the issues of her childhood helped her to use this gift to become an instrument of hope for children all over the world. 
Special Episode : The making of any project comes with great challenges and difficulties. But when you love what you do, and do it for the right reasons, you’re bound to be successful. This special episode gives us a fun look into a conversation with the Creator and the Director of the Go the Distance series. Get an inside look into the trials of the journey of a show that’s quickly becoming impactful to those lost in the darkness.



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