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Welcome to the caribbean page

Featuring all things Caribbean. Check here for all the latest new in Caribbean culture.

Cherrie Garden is a Jamaican Media Personality, Journalist and Actress; but above all, she is a Caribbean-culture enthusiast! Peruse this page for the hottest Caribbean brands that are

Cherrie Garden approved!

Cherrie Garden is hosting COLORGASM 

Come party with her, and J’ouvert in a new way, at COLORGASM!

Colorgasm is a Paint, Powder, and Water Fete (party) that features high-energy, multi-cultural music from across the globe: Dancehall, Reggae, HipHop, Afrobeat, EDM, Latin, World music and more!  Attendees can expect non-stop innovative entertainment along with  fun, theme-oriented contests. COLORGASM: Come For The Fun of it!!!

Cherrie Garden is hosts caribbean life tv!!

Caribbean Life TV features the cultural and Caribbean manifestations that happen in Atlanta, Georgia and the southeast region. Our goal is to Inspire, motivate and educate the world about our story. Caribbean Life TV: Live BOLD!!!

watch right now!


Passion Fruit Liqueur. The name of this fruit says it all: PASSION. Sip and savor this exquisite liqueur. You’ll understand  why we Shake, Sip ‘N Say Oouu-Weee! 

Guava Pineapple Liqueur. A succulent blend of real guava and pineapple infused with our proprietary blend of premium rums, exotic spices and flavors. This beautifully crafted tropical liqueur will create memories.

Oouu-We Get Your Party Started